About our Events

SYC’s Entertainment Committee

When you hear the word Yacht Club your first thought is boats, knots, windswept sailors etc and sure enough that’s exactly what Sausalito Yacht Club delivers to it’s many members and visitors during the year.

pic1But then we also know a true seaman enjoys a good time and a drink among fellow seamen! This is where the Entertainment Committee comes in!

This committee works very hard all year to bring the best music experience to the club, we set up plays such as Murder Mysteries, Poem Readings, Opera, Oscar’s Night and the list could go on and on.


pic2Opening Day on the Bay in April and 4th of July are huge events that we work very hard to organize from the start of the year, not only do they involve many volunteers they also require a large amount of managing on the day of. Every First Thursday of the month we “jazz” it up with live music at the club, free of charge, the kitchen serves small plates and the bar is usually packed!

Come July, we start our End of Summer music series- Dockside, on Sunday’s we enjoy live performance alongside yummie plates from the kitchen.


If you feel this little insight to Entertainment Committee has spiced your interest in joining us please contact Entertainment Chair Philippe Lannes at entertainment@sausalitoyachtclub.org and he will get you involved!





To follow us check out the upcoming events under Entertainment and you can find useful information of each event that we are putting on this year, 2017 will truly be a fun filled year!