Squeegee Newsletter

Spring 2012 cover photo

The Squeegee Weegee Gazette is the official publication of the Sausalito Yacht Club. It is available in printed format at the club, and is always available as a digital download on the SYC website. The Squeegee, as it is affectionately known to club members, is currently published quarterly (four times a year).


We are always looking for contributors to write for the Squeegee. Topics could include:

  • Our first boat
  • My favorite recipe on board
  • Share a cruising story
  • SYC history note
  • Local history or stories

Please e-mail suggestions or articles to Karin Shakery, editor, at squeegee@sausalitoyachtclub.org.


Advertising is available in the Squeegee in standard sizes and placements and color or B&W. We also offer club sponsorships with placement on our Web site. These placements offer significant Web search results for local businesses and services. For advertising, contact our advertising manager at advertising@sausalitoyachtclub.org.

Digital Copies & Subscriptions

Past issues of the Squeegee are available for download at the club’s website.