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2016 Valentine’s Day

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January 2017 Letter from the Commodore

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It is quite an honor to be Commodore of the Sausalito Yacht Club in our 75th year, following in the foot-steps of some outstanding people. I am quite fortunate to be taking this role at a time when the Club is in good shape as measured in a number of ways. However, there are challenges that will affect us all. By now you are aware of the dues increase. Needless to say no one likes that. With this increase the bottom line for 2017 is still very thin. During 2016, the Club leadership decided to increase wages in bar & galley above the minimum level and begin to provide benefits for some key employees. We agree this is needed for the staff and in order to provide better results to the Members. The other factor driving the increase is the decline in Regular Members. Member Dues and Bar & Galley revenue are our two sources of revenue so we are working to build both as you will read.

That said, this is not a one person job and we are all fortunate to have on the FOC, a group of skilled and committed people who are working hard to make sure we meet our goals and yours. More on that in a minute.

Early in January the FOC met for a day-long meeting to establish common goals for the FOC as well as individual chair goals. The concept of these retreat meetings dates to 2008 and Commodore Mary Richardson. One of the outcomes of that meeting was the following:


We are recognized as the friendliest club on the bay in a world class location actively involved in our community with a focus on activities that enhance our standing in Race, cruise and sail training. As a premier venue for all water-oriented activities we are always seeking ways to improve our community presence and attract a young and vibrant membership who all enjoy a high degree of satisfaction and involvement.


  • We respect and honor the heritage and history of our Club and strive to maintain the traditions that make us proud to be Members.
  • We actively promote and support all aspects of boating, sailing and related education.
  • We always engage in those activities that provide a positive experience to our members.
  • We are recognized and will continue to be known as a positive influence within our community.
  • In every aspect of our organization we maintain proper management policies and sound fiscal management.
  • We believe in and support the importance of having a well-managed bar & galley that delivers quality food, beverages and service.

This FOC reviewed the Vision and Value statement of 2008 and adopted it unchanged, something we hope all of Members support.

Before we get into the goals for the year, there are several new FOC Members this year. The good news is that they are really skilled and have come up to speed fast. I am confident they will succeed in their areas. The FOC is an impressive group.

Each Chair has established goals for their areas of responsibility and have committee’s working on achieving those goals. At the first FOC Meeting of the year, each of the Chairs laid out their plans with a great focus on Membership satisfaction.

In addition, the FOC has the overarching team goal of achieving the following:

  • Attracting New Members
  • Retaining existing Member
  • Improved Communications with the Membership
  • Engaging Members through volunteerism.

Please look at the website where you will see Entertainment events, race and cruise events all posted.

In addition, the Club will now be posting our financial reports on the website for your review. A step to improving Communications.

Lastly, you will see all of the EB and FOC meetings scheduled for the year on the website. You are welcome and invited to attend any of these meetings to observe and ask questions.

See you at the Club and on the Water,

Larry Moraes


November 2016

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bill-monstersOctober was busy month that ended with a cool Halloween party.

I always get a kick watching folks eating and drinking while in full costume. Scott Wilson seemed to have some difficulty getting his hands and arms over his chest and Craig Morton looked a lot like Craig Morton!



It was a large turnout that can best be described…eclectic!

scott-halloweenDolly Parton played by Scott Wilson!         kris-mooreWicked witch played by Kris Moore!

I encourage all members to attend the Annual Meeting on November 13th at 11:30 am. Agenda items include a review of 2016 including financial results status of our building fund as well as discussion on capital expenditures and facility improvements followed by preliminary plans and budgets for 2017. I will also be awarding the perpetual trophies. The meeting should last about 60-90 minutes with time devoted to questions and answers. The entire agenda is posted on the website.

On another note, I realized I have not given enough recognition and acknowledgement to our Entertainment Chair, Miriam Browne, and her Committee of E-troupers. The success of our events is directly and unequivocally the result of long hours and hard work by Miriam and her committee. Each event requires planning and scheduling to get the club decorated and then returning things to “normal”.  A quick down and dirty of the events shows the group has organized 33+ events through the end of October! To Miriam and the entire E-troupers committee: Thank you!

We recently received notice that The Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association (PICYA) has bestowed to Sausalito Yacht Club the Nimitz Club Youth Sailing: The Admiral Chester W. Nimitz USN Perpetual Trophy. The trophy is given to the PICYA member yacht club that has made the greatest advancement in youth sailing. This is a tremendous honor that further demonstrates the continued growth and success of our youth sailing program under the leadership of Renee DeCurtis. Congratulations!


Upcoming Events:

Race: SYC Midwinter race #1 – November 16th; SYC Midwinter race #2 – December 4th

Cruise: Berkeley Yacht Club – November 15th

Entertainment November: Murder Mystery – Nov. 12th; SYC Uncorked: Champagne & Caviar – Nov. 15th

Entertainment December: Lighted boat parade – Dec. 10th; Club Christmas Party – Dec. 18th

Speaker Series: Vessel Traffic Seminar – November 16th