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Winter 2016

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Letter from the Commodore – December

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The Holiday season is in full bloom at our club. The tree is magnificent, probably one of the nicest trees I have seen and the decorations are top notch. Starting at 10:30 am on November 27th, 25 plus members worked throughout the day transforming the club into a Christmas wonderland. Rear Commodore Jock made sure all the lights worked-one light bulb at a time……….I was told that ‘for being a Commodore, I took directions very well.’

The Lighted Boat Parade is Saturday, December 10th. The good news is the evening is sold out. The bad news (if you can call this bad) is that there will be a $5 donation fee charged at the door. I know that a number of members are disappointed that we are charging a fee for the event since we eliminated cover charges for other events, but the fee goes towards the Sausalito On The Water Front Foundation in the form of a donation towards the fireworks that will be provided. Keep in mind that the cost is still $10 less than previous years. It should be a spectacular evening!


Sunday, the 11th is the annual Brunch with Santa and childrens Christmas Party, beginning at 10 am. Santa will arrive via Mercury around 11 am. Bring the kids and grandkids. The Club Holiday Party will be on Sunday December 18th at 5:30 pm. A hosted glass of wine (or two or three) will be provided along with passed hors d’oeuvres for all members. Please make it a point to come on down and celebrate with your fellow members.


SYC will end the year with a very festive and fun New Years Eve with excellent foot and entertainment. Make sure to get your reservations in early as the event will be another sell out. Urgent Call: The club is in need of a new Entertainment Chair for 2017. If you are up for the task or know of a member who you think would like to take on the roll, please reach out to a member or the Nominating Committee. Please.

Well, this is the last Commodore Letter I will be writing. For those of you who have taken the time to read these ramblings, I thank you. For those of you who have not, I thank you as well! And again, thank you for allowing me to serve you and our club as Commodore, it’s been a great ride.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and may you and our dear club have a great 2017.

Letter from the Commordore – October 2016

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Hard to believe October is here and summer has past-except for us Bay Area folks. I always find that this is the best time of the year for being on the water, both cruising and sailing. The sun is out and there is generally a good breeze. So get out there before winter sets in.

Jonea and I just spent three glorious days at Tinsley Island as part of the five club cruise (SYC, CYC, Marin YC, SFYC and Tiburon YC). Cruise Captain Larry Moraes and side kick Chuck Cihak did a spectacular job organizing the SYC activities of the cruise. Out of the five clubs attending, SYC had the largest member representation with over 45 members signed up. There is a great camaraderie as well a bit of competitiveness among the clubs. Although, SYC didn’t win for best table decoration (I thought ours was most definitely the coolest), Ross and Tammy took down CYC in the annual Bocce Ball tournament…way to go Blanchards! Larry and Chuck served up 150-200 Scorpions (don’t ask what’s in it, you do not want to know but they are good-can’t even taste the alcohol) and there were a lot of ‘stars’ tending to the bar on Saturday.

tinsley-bartender tammy-and-ross-bocce


front-door-varnishI hope most of you have visited the club in the last few weeks and noticed the improvements that House Chair, Courtney Goff and crew have completed. The front doors have been completely refinished: old varnish was stripped off, prepped, stained and finished with 10 coats of varnish, sanding in between coats. The entrance way had all the cracks and holes patched, primed and finished with two coats of fresh paint. Both improvements give a very inviting welcome as you enter the club. Now we need to look at the clubhouse itself…


The saga of the deck furniture is finally over. The old burning, melting, exploding furniture has been replaced with non-burning, non-melting tables and chairs. I have heard nothing but positive feedback regarding the style and look, and that’s a good thing. I can assure you there were no additional costs to the club; however, there was a significant cost to the manufacture and vendor who sold us the burning-melting furniture, as there should be.

In September, the city of Sausalito received a call informing them that the grease trap in our galley was not up to code. Photographs were also supplied to the city. The city called the club and scheduled an inspection for the following day. Somehow the drain that is supposed to go to the grease trap was reversed and went directly to the drain, which leads to the city sewer. Courtney was able to make the correction by simply rotating the drainpipe 180 degrees. It was a very simple fix. Feel free to contact me should anyone have any questions about this resolved issue.


Ballots for the 2017 club Officers and Chairs and Nominating Committee candidates should be in your mailbox this week. I think you will find that the 2016 Nominating Committee put up an exemplary slate of well-qualified candidates and our club will be well served for the years to come. Please mail or return the ballot so it arrives before the November 13th annual meeting. The meeting will begin at 11:30am at which time the results will be announced.


One more rule to bring up and then I will close. When parking in the Club parking lot, please have a current member parking sticker in your vehicle. It is very frustrating for members to come to the Club and not be able to park in the lot because cars are without their stickers. We did hire a security guard to remind members to have parking stickers. It seems to have helped but we still have folks parking without stickers. The reason I am reminding everyone is that we do not want to ticket vehicles.

Upcoming Events


SYC Twin Island Race #3, October 15

SYC Midwinter Race #1, November 16


Berkeley Yacht Club Lobster Feed, November 19


Cuban Night, October 13

Night with Arthur Dente, October 22

Halloween Dinner and Dance, October 29

Speaker Series:

Carl Nolte, October 19

Commodore’s October Newsletter

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From the Commodore – August 1, 2016

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Bill Aubrey

I am pleased to inform you that John Wales has been elected by the FOC to serve as Treasure for the remainder of the year. John will serve as Treasurer after the resignation of Tom Shurstad. Tom resigned due to increased involvement with his business. Tom had little time to devote to the club treasury duties. Although we are sad to see Tom resign, we are confident in John assuming the role of Treasurer.

Please pardon the ‘mess’ as you enter the Club. We have begun the process of sprucing up the clubhouse. So far, we have completed painting the foyer, outdoor deck near the front entrance (smoking area) as well as refinishing the front doors. The initial phase should be complete by the August 12th. The remaining interior of the clubhouse will be painted by the end of the year.

Come on down to the SYC deck for The Summer Music Series every Sunday afternoons 4:30-7pm through September 25th. Enjoy the live music in a relaxing setting. I’ve attended two music Sundays and totally enjoyed both. For more info, click here.

The summer issue of the Squeegee newsletter is available both in printed version (pick up at the club) as well as online. Many thanks to our editor, Karin Shakery and all the contributors. It takes a lot of work and time to produce the Squeegee.



Members Steve Hocking, Dennis Webb and four other crew sailed Steve’s boat ‘Ohana”, a 46’ Beneteau, in the 2016 Pacific Cup. They finished 5th with a time of 11 days, 12 hours. Congratulations Steve and crew! Dennis has been in the Club a few times since returning from Hawaii and has some great stories. If you see him, ask him about the trip-you’ll be amazed.







The sons of members Peter English and Bob Rogers, sailing “Mas!”, a Moore 24, was a ‘clean sweep’ winner: Best PHRF, Moore 24 record and team trophy (RYC). They finished in 10 days, 14.30 hours. Peter and Bob taught Mark and Ian well!





Mercury will be spending week at KKMI getting much of her electrical system refurbished, a budgeted item long in need. We have been assured all work will be completed in a timely manner and the boat will be back in service in time for the next scheduled race.


The Women Skippers’ Regatta is August 27th. The Axillary sponsored event is in its 35th year. Music and BB-Q will follow at the Clubhouse. Sign up here!Untitled


***Members interested in serving on the Nominating Committee shall come forward and advise the Secretary, in writing, of their desire to serve on the incoming Nominating Committee. The written notice must be received by the Secretary no later than 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting. The deadline is September 20th.

Upcoming events:


  • Alan Choy Piano Bar, August 13th
  • Night at the Opera, August 20th
  • Lobster night, September 17th


  • Summer Sunset: August 9, 23 and Sept 6th
  • Women Skippers’ Regatta, August 27th


  • Petaluma, August 20th
  • Half Moon Bay, September 2nd


Eight Bells: Jeff Hutter; Paul Perko. May they remain in our thoughts.