February 2015

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David Borton


This year has begun with a rousing start. The celebration started with the New Year’s Eve party and gavel exchange at the club. This was followed the very next day with the ever-popular Member’s Pot Luck as the staff was given the day off to be with their families. And the members reminisced back to the days when the club was an all-volunteer organization.

Then the officers and organizers got together for the annual planning meeting. We went over the plans for the year and discussed some projects that will be initiated now but may go on into  2016.

2015 gavel exchangeGavel Exchange

The official exchange of the gavel took place at SYC’s New Year’s Eve party at the club. Thank you Mike Fiske for your years of club service that culminated in being Commodore for 2014. As Commodore for 2015, I’d like to make significant progress on increasing member satisfaction particularly in the three areas identified in the Annual Planning Meeting. (Read about these overleaf.) I’m afraid these initiatives are going to require expenditures we do not have targeted for this year. But we will get started on them.

New Year’s Pot Luck

Thank you Harvey Pawl for the eagerly-anticipated prime rib, Michael Lappert for the giant tub of ice cream and all of the attendees and volunteers for their contributions and for making the Pot Luck such a success.



Annual Planning Meeting

The Flag Officers and Chairs, Executive Board and Nominating Committee for 2015 met in a conference room at the Bay Model on January 10. We reviewed the plans for the year AND we developed three initiatives.  Specific plans for each of the club’s areas were presented. We also reviewed the Member Satisfaction Survey, the Five Year Plan and the proposed updates to the Rules and Regulations and the FOC Roles and Responsibilities.

All attendees at the meeting developed the special areas we need to focus on for this year.  Some projects may continue into future years depending on the cost of implementation. The overall theme is to increase member satisfaction as identified by the member survey. Specific areas we will focus on are:

  1. Expanding the club hours (Larry Moraes, project leader)
  2. Upgrading the deck to make it usable for more of the year (Bob Braid, project leader)
  3. Enhancing on-the-water activities (Bill Aubrey, project leader)

Watch for progress on these three initiatives during the year.

Annual planning meeting

February and March Activities

Here are some activities going on at the club over the next two months. There are more later in the year that you may want to plan for. Watch your email for notifications or check the club’s website: sausalitoyachtclub.org where you can find details and reservation methods.

Join outings to other clubs or destinations on the bay – and beyond. You can go with your own boat or catch a ride with someone else. You can also drive and join in as a “Land Cruiser.”

Feb 21: Richmond Marina Bay.

Mar 13 – 14: Ballena Bay Yacht Club

Bring out your competitive spirit. Join a series or take part in a single race. The bar and galley are open after the race.

February 1 and March 1: Midwinters Race.

March 21 “Jaws” race: A Pursuit race for sailboats and a Predicted Log race for powered boats.

Party on! Come down to the club and enjoy the fun.

Feb 5: First Thursday Performance

Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day Dinner and Dance

Feb. 18: Wine Club

Feb. 22: A Night at the Oscars

March 5: First Thursday Performance

March 14: St. Patrick’s Dinner