From The Commodore – April 1, 2016

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Commodore Bill Aubrey

Bill Aubrey



Spring is here, the sky is clear and summer is fast approaching. To celebrate, the club is planning a variety of activities, on the water as well as parties and seminars.

We had a successful conclusion to the Mid-Winter Series with plenty of silver passed out. It was wonderful for the racers to congregate back in the clubhouse and revel in good food, drink and friendship.

Jaws-race-2016March 26th saw the fourth annual running of the “Jaws” race, founded by our own Bud Livingstone. There was a good turnout with 18 boats participating in the pursuit race. We had only two boats for the predicted log race; so cruisers, start turning up for next year’s race. It was great to see Peter English pick up the trophy as helmsman on Q.

The Auxiliary’s Childrens Easter party and Brunch was another success with over 40 kids attending to have a personal visit with the Easter Bunny. This year’s bunny seemed to be one of the cutest we have had (I admit to being biased).

House Cleaning: I am hoping this is the last time I have to report on the ‘status’ of our deck refurbishment. As I write this, the new tables, chairs and umbrellas have been purchased and paid for in full. Delivery is anticipated by Opening Day. That’s the good news. The bad news is that, since we have to remove all furniture for Opening Day, delivery is slated for the week immediately following Opening Day. This way, we will not have to move furniture twice.

deck-cleaningCourtney Goff and crew (Mike McKinley and Bill Gargon) have started the deck refinishing project. It is going to take approximately 10 days to thoroughly clean, apply two coats of primer, then two coats of finish paint. Consequently, the deck may be closed for one weekend. I have been assured that the crew will do its best to keep the deck open during the weekends but we cannot guarantee it.

Many thanks and appreciation go out to the members who have so generously donated to a new lounge area and fire pit. We would not have been able to absorb the cost without their support. Thank You.

In conclusion, this project, which has been 12 months in the making is finally coming to fruition. Yep.

Opening Day on the Bay: Sunday, April 24th we celebrate Opening Day on the Bay. Miriam and her team have planned for a great time to be had by all. The deck will be set up for festivities and entertainment all day. Bob Braid will be providing shore service for those who would like to tie up on one of the club moorings.

This is a huge event which requires much assistance from the membership. Please check the website and emails from Miriam for time slots requiring volunteer help. Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing you volunteered for a fun and cool cause, you will also get a nifty T-shirt. Just an aside: In case you have not noticed on the posters or emails, this will be the first Opening Day celebration (that I can recall) where there will not be a cover charge. So, for all those folks who have stayed away because of the cover charge, come on down and enjoy the fun.

Other upcoming events: St Francis Yacht Club Cruise, April 8 and 9; SYC Wooden Boat Invitational, April 16; Twin Island Race #1, April 23; Spring Sunset Series #1, April 26; Boutique California Wine Tasting, April 30.

On-the-watertoys: The club has taken possession of 3 kayaks and 4 stand-up paddle boards for member use. GM Jay is completing the checking out and checking in procedures and finalizing the necessary paper work. Please see Jay for use.

Eight Bells: Mike Thurston, Lisa York and Gary Semereaux. May they remain in our thoughts.