From The Commodore – January 1, 2016

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David Borton

Commodore Dave Borton



I know, I know. I’m no longer Commodore, but there were so many events in December that I wanted to share them with you. This is my final “Letter from the Commodore.” I have enjoyed sharing the activities of the club with you over the past year through these letters. Hopefully, those of you that have found these letters each month have also found them useful.

Most important to me was the support I have received from the officers and the members of the club. It is satisfying to me to get the strong support from everyone involved. Yes, there were challenges; there always are in any organization. And I know not all decisions by me or others in the club were universally supported. But on balance, the general tone was very positive. So much of that is due to the hours and hours of time the chairs, flag officers and committees put in graciously to help the club fulfill its mission to all of us. The staff has also been very professional and supported the style of our club.


electric ramp hoist

New Hoist From Ramp to Dock

A new hoist for the ramp to the dock has been approved by the members and has recently been installed. The old one was manually operated and had become “frozen” and difficult to operate. The new one is motor driven and can be operated by a single person. It was completed just in time for anticipated winter storms. It reduces the risk of storm damage.

Nominating Committee

The 2016 Nominating Committee has gone through a change. Mike Fiske, elected to the Nominating Committee in November has decided to resign from the committee. The person with the next most votes on the ballot was Randy Grenier. This will be Randy’s second straight membership and contribution to the committee. Randy joins Dan Rheiner, Dave Borton, J Rigler and Tammy Blanchard on the 2016 Nominating Committee.

Please thank and congratulate Randy for his contribution to the committee and the club. Also, please thank Mike for his contributions to the club over these past years as Port Captain and as Commodore.
2016 Commodore Bill Aubrey

New Year’s Eve

The New Year’s Eve party is always a big hit at the club. This year was no exception. There were two bands to help set the tone for the evening. One band during dinner and another seven piece band to provide for dancing after dinner and through midnight. The dinner was preceded by a wonderful seafood buffet on the deck served on a sailboat. Very creative.!

Just after midnight I presented our new commodore with the gavel and his new Commodore badge. Here is a photo of Bill and his wife Jonea enjoying their night out!

2015 Special Initiatives Status

The planning meeting from January resulted in three initiatives that came from the member survey run in late 2014. One initiative has been implemented and the other two are in process and are expected to be completed in 2016.

1. Open more hours: The club has been open for more hours since June 3. Food service and bar service is available Wednesday through Sunday. Click here for the Bar & Galley website and the current schedule.

2. Make the deck available for extended usage: There are two projects that will make that happen. One is new and more comfortable chairs and tables on the deck and the other is heaters on the deck. Funding for the furniture has just been approved by members. It is in the process of being purchased and will be installed within several months. New heaters will need to be funded in the future, but the existing heaters have been repaired and are now operational.

3. Improve On-the-water activities: The goal is to provide watercraft for members to use at the club. Funding for SUP’s and Kayaks has just been authorized by members. Meanwhile, we do have a 25 foot sailboat, Dragon, on a mooring off the club that will also be available. Watch for the introductory seminar on March 2nd! And then plan to get checked out and sign-up for using the boats right off the club deck.

Seminars / Speakers / Events

January 9: 4pm, Formal Gavel Exchange

January 23: Crab Feed (tentative)

January 24: Staff Commodore Oz West travels and book signing

January 30: FADO Night; Cascais Youth Sailing fundraiser at Pines mansion

Upcoming Activities

Here are some activities that are going on at the club over the next two months. There are more later in the year you may want to plan for. Watch your emails for them or check the club’s website You can find more details and reservation methods on the website.


Join outings to other clubs or destinations on the bay – and beyond. You may go on your own boat or catch a ride with someone else. You may also drive as a “Land Cruiser.”

February 20: Richmond Marina

March 12: Ballena Bay; St. Patricks Day


Release your competitive spirit. Join a series or a single race. Bar and galley are open after the race.

February 7: Chili Midwinter’s #4

March 6: Chili Midwinter’s #5 and Series Awards


Party on! Come and enjoy the fun.

January 7: First Thursday Music

January 16: Scottish Burns Dinner

February 7: Super Bowl Party

February 13: Valentines Dinner / Dance

February 28: Academy Awards


Thank you from Dave Borton