From The Commodore – July 1, 2016

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Commodore Bill Aubrey

Bill Aubrey


July is a very active time for our club as well as boating in the Bay in general. Hopefully you can all enjoy some aspect of the opportunities our Bay has to offer.

The Pacific Cup (a race from San Francisco to Hawaii) starts in a few days and Ohana will be flying the SYC burgee under the watchful eye of Captain Steve Hocking with SYC member Dennis Webb serving as part of the crew. OhanaThe start time for Ohana is scheduled for July 12 at 11:10 am. We wish Steve and crew well and a safe passage.

Mark, son of member Peter English (1958) and Ian, son of member Bob Rogers (1963) will be dual handling Mark’s Moore 24, MAS! in the same race. Their start is July 11 at 10:25 am. It is my understanding that Mark and Ian are going for broke on this race in the hope of setting a record for their class. Good luck racers.

Renee LindeI am pleased to announce two new members to our board. The FOC voted unanimously for Renee Linde to become the club’s new Membership Chair. We are fortunate that Renee accepted the position. Having been part of the Membership Committee in the past, she brings experience and enthusiasm to this very important role at SYC.

John Wales, CPA, has been vetted by the Nominating Committee and the board has approved John as the Club’s new Assistant Treasurer. Although the Assistant Treasurer does not have a vote on either the FOC or Executive Board, the club will benefit greatly from John’s knowledge and experience.

Thanks to both John and Renee for serving our club.

Roger Milligan continues to lead our cruising fleets to cool destinations. This year he and his team have put together seven cruises, with most of them sold out. He has an additional seven cruises scheduled for the remainder of the year, with Benicia next up on the calendar. For more information and to register for a cruise go to the website at Cruising is a great way to meet and get to know your fellow SYC members.

By my count, Roger has put together over 40 cruises in his 4-year tenure as Cruise Chair. Might be time for Rog to start thinking about Commodore type roles……Thanks Roger.

Plan on stopping by the club July 23rd anytime between 9:30 am and noon for a question and answer session with myself as well as other Flag Officers of the club. We will be doing something somewhat different from what we have in past years. Instead of a general-member town hall meeting, we will hold more of a one-on-one session with club members. We plan to give those attending a rundown as to what is happening at the club; what the plans are for the remainder of the year; and the financial picture as of the first half of the year. Copies of current financial statements will be available to all attending. Coffee, juice, pastries and, of course, doughnuts will be provided.


Cruise: Benicia Cruise, 7/9; Petaluma Cruise, 8/19

Race: Twin Island #2, 7/16; J105 Fleet Race, 7/23-7/24; Summer Sunset Series, 7/26, 7/29

Entertainment: Notte Italiana, 7/16; Summer Music Series, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31