From The Commodore – June 1, 2016

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Commodore Bill Aubrey

Bill Aubrey



Exciting and eventful happenings continue going on at our Club, and sailing is front and center once again. Coach Renee started her Summer Sailing Program on June 13th. She will be hosting a total of 5 sessions with 25 plus kids in each session. It’s really cool to see all those kids on the water learning how to sail.

summer youth sailingOn June 30th, the SYC high school sailors will be departing for 6 days of racing at Cascais and Club Naval in Cascais Portugal. This event, in conjunction with the Sister City program between Sausalito and Cascais is a continuation of the program that began last year when sailors from Cascais visited our club. Lets wish our young racers good luck and safe travels as they pursuit the silver on the other side of the Atlantic.

Anyone who has read the Great Gatsby (or seen the movies) knows that old sport Jay Gatsby knew how to throw a grand party. Well, in keeping with that theme, Miriam and team are putting on the party of all parties on June 18th. The clubhouse will be decorated to the nines. Great music is lined up for the evening and the menu is going to be spectacular. jay-gatsby Make your reservations for a great time.

The 4th of July is always a popular event at SYC and this year should be no exception. The bar will open at noon and the BBQ will start at 1400 hours. Live music will start at 1500 hours with the one and only Unauthorized Rolling Stones! This is a very popular band in the Bay area and we are fortunate to have been able to book them for the 4th. As with Opening Day, the club will NOT be charging an entrance fee for the day so make your reservations and come on down and enjoy the day.

Plan on stopping by the club July 23rd anytime between 930 and 1200 hours for a question and answer session. I will be there along with other Flag Officers with a new format for addressing your questions. Instead of doing a general member town hall meeting, we will be doing more of a one on one session with club members a run down as to what is happening at the club, what the plans are for the remainder of the year as well as the financial picture of the club as of the first half of the year. Copies of current financial statements will be available to all attending. Coffee, juice, pastries and off course, doughnuts will be provided.

Upcoming events


June 25-Rear Commodore Race to Vallejo;
July 9, Benicia cruise


June 21-Spring Sunset Race;
June 25, Rear Commodore race


June 18-Great Gatsby;
July 4, 4th of July;
July 11, Itailiana Nolte

Eight Bells: Elaine Thorne. May Elaine remain in our thoughts and prayers.