From The Commodore – November 2015

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David Borton

Commodore Dave Borton



Halloween just finished with the party last Saturday.  It was a great party.  I’ve included a few photos, but you will need to check the photos on the club web site to see the members in their excellent  trick-or-treat garb.  The staff were in full regalia also.  A fun time.

The next day, November 1, was the start of the Mid-winters racing schedule. There were more than 30 boats entered and racing. The club was jammed with competitors and spectators well into the late afternoon.  Good winds and crossing over to the city front while dodging freighters made for a wonderful start of the five race series. If you missed this race, not to worry. There are four more and you are welcome to join in.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the club is scheduled for next Sunday, November 8. It starts at the club at 4:00 pm. Highlights of the meeting include a financial review of 2015, a plan for 2016 and a view into a five year plan. A vision of the club will also be presented.  Facility improvements with new deck chairs and tables will be offered.

The results of the officer election will be shared as will the decision on the capital improvements. Last, but certainly not least, members will be recognized through trophy awards.

Be there.Sunday Nov 8 at 4:00 pm. The meeting will last about an hour.

Dues Update

The Chairman and I sent out an email last week with an update on the club’s financials and a dues increase on February 1. In case you did not see the email, here is that letter repeated:
Sausalito Yacht Club periodically reviews the club’s financial status and adjusts the monthly dues for members. The Executive Board did make that review at its monthly meeting, October 20, 2015.

The five year plan presented last year had a planned 5% increase each year going forward. This is to cover additional expenses the club faces each year as well as providing funds for the Building Fund (ie, for capital improvements.)  The Executive Board unanimously decided to implement a 5% increase in Member Dues effective February 1, 2016. This compares with a 10% dues increase a year ago.

Specifically, Regular Members Dues will go from $126.50 per month to $133.00 per month.  That is a 5.1% increase.  Senior members dues will likewise increase 4.8% from $31.50 per month to $33.00.  Senior members are members 60 years old or older and have a minimum of 25 years as a Regular Member of the club. Other Member Classes (Junior, Junior-Adult, Non-resident, etc.) will have no increase.

The Executive Board feels this increase of $6.50 per month is a nominal amount that will keep the club continuing on a strong financial basis for the years ahead.
Thank you for your continued cooperation and for providing your support to keep the Sausalito Yacht Club a valuable presence in the Bay Area boating community, a strong resource on the Sausalito waterfront and a wonderful place for members to enjoy.

Dan Rheiner, Chairman
Dave Borton, Commodore

ACH Payments

Many of you are paying your monthly club bills automatically with a credit card. We understand that is very convenient – however, that is very expensive for the club.

We will be offering Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. Look for an email for enrollment or bring a voided check and stop by the office for an enrollment form. ACH is available to the club as a no-charge alternative. Checks are also no-charge. We will continue to accept credit card payments in person.

Seminars / Speakers / Events

November 8: Club Annual Meeting

November 29: Sunday, Club Decorating Party

December 6: Member Holiday Party

December 12: Lighted Boat Parade

December 13: Children’s Christmas Party

December 16: Wine Club

December 24 & 25: Club Closed. Happy Holiday!

January 1: Happy New Year! Member Pot Luck. Staff day off.

November and December Activities

Here are some activities that are going on at the club over the next two months. There are more later in the year you may want to plan for. Watch your emails for them or check the club’s website You can find more details and reservation methods on the website.


Join outings to other clubs or destinations on the bay – and beyond. You may go on your own boat or catch a ride with someone else. You may also drive as a “Land Cruiser.”


November 21 – 22: Berkeley Yacht Club “Lobster” cruise


Release your competitive spirit. Join a series or a single race. Bar and galley are open after the race.

December 6: Chili Midwinter’s #2


Party on! Come and enjoy the fun.


November 5: First Thursday Cuban Night

November 10: Tuesday, Marine Corps Birthday Bash

November 14: Saturday, Downtown Abbey Murder Mystery

November 18: Wednesday, Wine Club

November 21: Saturday, Alan Choy Sing Along

December 3: First Thursday, Angelika

December 5: Breakfast with Santa, Parks & Recs

December 31: New Year’s Eve Party

January 1: Happy New Year! Member Pot Luck. Staff day off.