Letter from the Commodore, December 2017

May 13, 2017  |   From the Commodore   |     |   Comments Off on Letter from the Commodore, December 2017

I hope you agree it has been a wonderful year at the Sausalito Yacht Club in many ways and I hope you enjoyed it as much as possible. Probably the most important accomplishment of this year, is the Leadership that is in place for next. But before we turn that page, let’s thank the many volunteers who contributed to this year’s success.

Vice Commodore Jock Rystrom and Rear Commodore Chuck Cihak, or Port and Starboard as I called them because they kept us in the channel all year. Secretary John Wales provided better financial reports, Renee Linde and her staff implemented the Name Badges which is leading to better camaraderie in the Club. Bill Gargan has brought the fleet up to standards and is our representative at PICYA. Doug Ford oversaw our top tier Race Program and Todd Gates oversaw the award winning Junior Sailing Program. Peter Thorne and the Auxiliary provided entertainment and made substantial contributions. Philippe Lannes and the Entertainment Committee organized 35 events this year including the 75th Anniversary Gala and our 1st Family Fun Day. Kudo’s to this entire group. Rich Vasquez as House Chair kept the lights on and completed important projects. Cheryl Popp headed up communications and Kay Mitzel has been a great Secretary and contributor to both the FOC and the EB. Junior Staff Commodore Bill Aubrey has been a great sounding board all year and a voice of reason.


Let’s also thank the Executive Directors, Chairman and President Tom Aden, along with Directors Nick Sands and Jerry Tarpin. One or more of these gentlemen attended every FOC meeting and were important part of the Leadership team this year. The EB worked closely all year with the FOC in full support of enhancing Member satisfaction.


There are several other unofficial chairs that played an important role. Tom Kowalski elevated the SYC Speaker Series to top tier, Karen Tischler set a sales record in the Ship’s Store, Donna Baschle chaired the Wine Club where every event was sold out and Karin Shakery, our Squeegee editor for the past six years, reported the news to in beautiful color and helped in writing many of the articles in the Squeegee.


Also, I would like thank Jay Bedsworth for all of his help and support this year along with his outstanding team in the Bar & Galley.


Next year I will be on the Nominating Committee and will look forward to following the leadership of the 2017 Team chaired by Jim Gabbert.


I hope you were as impressed by all the accomplishments of those mentioned here as I have been and know there were many more on committees and work parties that contributed. The camaraderie at our Club is great, based on the respect we have for each other and the common interests we all share.


To your and your Family, Best wishes for the Happiest of Holidays and the Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year.


Larry Moraes