Letter from the Commodore, May 2017

May 13, 2017  |   From the Commodore   |     |   Comments Off on Letter from the Commodore, May 2017

The first trimester of 2017, by almost any means of measurement, has been quite successful.

While we may have different ways of prioritizing our satisfaction with the Club, let me share some of mine.

Starting with a bottom line approach, our financial success year to date is ahead of plan. Due largely to the financial disciplines of the Chairs on the FOC, the year is off to a great financial start.

All of the Chairs began with razor thin financial budgets and have done great work in completing their projects while managing budgets to the benefit of all Members. We cannot thank these great volunteers enough for the outstanding work they are doing.

In addition to managing their projects and budgets, there is a great synergy and camaraderie that has made serving this year a real pleasure. Hopefully you are noticing the good work of the FOC.

Port, Communications, Membership, Entertainment, Race, Cruise, Auxiliary, House, Sail Training, Secretary and the Rear and Vice Commodores are making for great teamwork.

Let’s not overlook the great job the administrative staff and Bar & Gallley are doing as well. Bar & Gallery are managing to budget and providing good results.

It would be to your benefit to be more diligent in making reservations. Really.

Recently we had a Town Hall meeting and reported that the financial reports for the Club are now posted on the website. If you are reading this article, click over to the Members only section and check out the reports posted.

We have begun celebrating the 75th anniversary of the year with new wearables featuring the 75th logo. The Twin Island Race rules have been amended to require at least one crew be 18 years old or less, as were the founders of the SYC.

More activities, including a regatta and gala are coming together as is our historical archive.

So while I think the year is going well, what do you think? We asked that question at the Town Hall Meeting on April 30 and ask it everyday. Please, feel free to reach out any time with questions or concerns.

In the coming weeks we will be introducing new parking policies. It will require diligent use of parking stickers, limits on how long a car can remained park and will ban blocking emergency vehicle access. Your inputs on the policy are welcome and cooperation once implemented are appreciated.

There will be details to follow.

Meanwhile, we look forward to meeting your expectations.

Fair winds,

Larry Moraes