From The Commodore – October 2015

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David Borton

Commodore Dave Borton




Membership Maxes Out!

Thanks to our Membership committees led by J. Rigler in most of 2014 and now Deana Maggard in 2015, the club has reached the club’s stated maximum of 520 regular members! Thanks to J and Deana, their committees and all the members that referred and sponsored new members, our club is a very vibrant place to be. Races are competitive, cruises have many new attendees, sail training has larger than ever classes and the dining room and bar are jumping with food, drinks and entertainment. Seminars and speakers have also returned for monthly events.

The club’s boards have also approved an almost 8% increase in membership to a new maximum of 560. The club’s expanded hours of operation has increased the capacity so we can easily handle the increased attendance at the club. More members also allow us to improve the facility and add resources for racing, sail training – and to start the use of club boats by members. We are moving ahead on that front so you will see that increasing in the near future. Our 25 foot sailboat, Dragon, is available now for club members to use. SUPs and kayaks are on the horizon.


PowerboatCruise continues to have a strong turnout for each cruise. This year has been a great year for the cruising group with more people signing up and taking advantage of the cruises to meet new friends as well as enjoy old friends.

Jeff and Melissa Polick were the Cruise Captains for the recent Encinal cruise. It was a great cruise with 37 members on 16 boats, who made their way to the Encinal Yacht club for a great weekend. Jeff has done this cruise for several years and it keeps growing. The cruise to Tinsley Island the first weekend in October continues to grow as well. Larry and Sharon Moraes are the captains again this year. It promises to be as spectacular as ever.

The final cruise is coming up November 21st to Berkeley for their lobster feed. There are 17 boats lined up to go on this cruise as well as some members by car.

Roger Milligan, our Cruise Chair, is starting to plan the 2016 cruising schedule which will include our usual haunts as well as some new places. If you have any suggestions for where you would like to go, please let him know. He is also looking for cruisers to help manage a cruise next year. Thanks to those who have stepped up and made this year’s cruising more fun.


Summer racing has two club races left. The first is an invitational race to determine the champions of the Spring and Summer Sunset Series. The race gets off at noon on Sunday October 10th. Cheer on your favorites out on the Bay or welcome them back from a year well done. The winners share the Lischeske Trophy.

Race start from MercuryThe final Twin Island Race around Alcatraz and Angel Island occurs on Saturday October 17th. The competitors choose which island to go around first. Single racers are also encouraged to join in for this wonderfull “Bay Cruise” race.

The winter season gets underway on the first Sunday on the months from November through March. Get your crews together and register for this excellent and competitive midwinter series.

2016 Ballot – Please Vote!

The ballot may already have arrived at your house. If not, it will be there shortly. The ballots are available to Regular, Senior and Honorary Members. They are not available to other membership classes, spouses and significant others. Please mail or return the ballot at the club so it arrives by 10:00am on the Annual Meeting date of Sunday November 8. The meeting starts at 4:00pm and the results of the election will be announced there.

Rules Update

We have chosen to update one of our club rules. Specifically, the rule that deals with pets at the club has been updated to add clarity. Service animals for disabled individuals are still allowed and are better defined. Pets are still not permitted. Following is the reworded text of the rule. It will be included on the website in our Rules pages shortly. Following that is a reminder about our parking rules.

Rule XXVI: Pets and Service Animals
Except as provided below, dogs, cats, and other animals are not permitted in the Clubhouse, on the decks or the dock.
Sausalito Yacht Club follows the definitions and guidelines under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for admitting service animals to the premises.

  1. Only dogs are recognized as service animals
  2. A service animal is a dog specifically trained to perform tasks for a person with a disability.
  3. Examples of service animals include dogs trained to lead the blind, alert people who are deaf, pull wheelchairs, alert persons of a pending seizure, remind the person with mental illness to take medications, or provide assistance to people with psychiatric disabilities. They may accompany their owners anywhere in the Club while tethered, harnessed or on a leash.
  4. Assistance animals and comfort animals which are not service animals are excluded from the above.

This rule applies at all times whether the Club is open or closed.

Parking stickerAnother rule we have is currently being ignored by too many members or guests. The club parking lot is a convenient resource for out of town members that use the club. This resource is being abused often and those vehicles will need to be ticketed. Make sure you have a current yellow sticker on your vehicle. Here is an excerpt from the club rules. Check the club website for the entire rule.

Rule XVIII: Parking
The Club parking lot is intended for use by members as a convenience during Club activities or while conducting Club business. The Club lot is not to be used for commuter parking. With these provisions members may park in the Club lot as space allows and be free of any public parking fee.

Members who are residents of Sausalito are encouraged to avail themselves of the three-hour free parking in Public Lot 1.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments

Many of you are paying your monthly club bills with a credit card. We understand that is very convenient – and it can be financially attractive to you with credit card rebate and mileage programs. However, that is very expensive for the club as those benefit costs are passed on to the club. The costs to the club are in the range of $20,000 to $25,000 per year. Past years have seen costs as high as $40,000. These are significant costs for our club.

We will be offering ACH automatic payments later this year. It is hoped to be in place by December. ACH is available to the club as a no-charge alternative. Watch for further announcements about the implementation date and credit card fees.

Seminars / Speakers / Events

October 7: Wednesday, Seminar – Active Lifestyle

October 25: Sunday, Children’s Halloween Party

November 4: Wednesday, Speaker – Record Breaking Trip to Hawaii

November 8: Sunday, Club Annual Meeting

November 29: Sunday, Club Decorating Party

3rd Tuesdays: EB Meetings now at the club at 5:00 pm

October and November Activities

Here are some activities that are going on at the club over the next two months. There are more later in the year you may want to plan for. Watch your emails for them or check the club’s website You can find more details and reservation methods on the website.


Join outings to other clubs or destinations on the bay – and beyond. You may go on your own boat or catch a ride with someone else. You may also drive as a “Land Cruiser.”

October 2 – 5: Tinsley Island of StFYC

November 21 – 22: Berkeley Yacht Club “Lobster” cruise


Release your competitive spirit. Join a series or a single race. Bar and galley are open after the race.

October 10: Sunset Championship (Invitational)

October 17: Twin Island Race #3

November 1: Chili Midwinter’s Race #1


Party on! Come and enjoy the fun.

October 6: Tuesday, Cigar Dinner

October 18: Sunday, Book Reading – Insider Trading

October 21: Wednesday, Wine Club

October 31: Saturday, Monster Mash Halloween Ball

November 5: First Thursday Cuban Night

November 10: Tuesday, Marine Corps Birthday Bash

November 14: Saturday, Downtown Abbey Murder Mystery

November 18: Wednesday, Wine Club

November 21: Saturday, Alan Choy Sing Along