September 2015

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David Borton

Commodore Dave Borton




AMERICA Visits Sausalito

Two weeks in advance, the staff from the yacht America called to confirm their visit to Sausalito. The replica of the original winner of a sailboat race in 1851 that resulted in the America’s Cup would visit our club. We had prepared nothing at this point. But the America crew would handle the boat logistics and the selling of tickets and the presentation and the boat tours. We just needed to publicize it to club members.



Jay and his staff put the hospitality part of the event together. Members, including the Auxiliary, volunteered to help with boat docking and visitor management. The visit by America was a great success. The club members that were able to make it on short notice were well served. Even the weather cooperated as the sail was on flat waters with medium breezes. Thank you to all the helpers and staff to make this day the success it was.

America is 139 feet long and draws 11 feet. She barely fit at the dock – and she dragged through some mud at low tide.

Troy Sears, owner and captain of “America” and Steve Hocking, SYC member. Steve described his family’s involvement in the original America and Troy told about the America replica on the SYC dock, the America’s Cup competition progress and the sailing plans for later in the afternoon.

Bylaws Changes

The Bylaws change proposals from last year are being considered and updated by three different committees. They have completed recommendations for members to consider. Before that happens, the club’s officers decided to subject the proposed bylaws to a legal review. That review has happened and the report made back to the Executive Board. Fundamentally, the report has found our Bylaws compares favorably with the non-profit laws regulating our type of organization.

Here are some observations and recommendations. The recommendations will take the club’s committees some time to incorporate so there will be further delays to bringing the bylaws changes to the members for a vote. We have been running the club successfully with the current bylaws so this delay will not materially affect the club’s operation. The legal review had the task to evaluate the risk of our private club’s compliance with non-profit laws.

Legal review observations:

  • Proposed Bylaws are sufficient under the tax code for Not for Profit corporations and they compare favorably with Non-profit mutual benefit laws.
  • SYC appears to be compliant with 501(c)(7) exemptions
  • There is no apparent inurement in our initiation, dues or membership structure
  • Electronic voting is permitted
  • Junior Sailing is not a risk to “Private” status as long as it is revenue neutral over time. (Note: Junior Sailing is open to members and non-members.)
  • Bylaws should state specific accounting reports the Treasurer will generate
  • A review or audit is a good idea
  • Indemnification of Officers and Directors be stated
  • Bylaws should state we are not libel to Members, Guests or Trainee’s for loss or injury
  • State that Member dues cannot be paid by companies nor can Members seek reimbursement from companies for dues and services the club provides

These recommendations will be considered by the subcommittees, reviewed and then brought to the members prior to any vote. There is no specific timeline for this to complete. It may very well spill over to next year.


cruisersCruise continues to have a strong turnout for each cruise. There usually runs around 15 boats and 30 to 40 people participating. There was a very successful cruise to Benicia July 24-25 (see photo) and Petaluma on August 21 – 23. Looking out into the future months we are booked at a much better rate than last year. We do continue to get new people going out on the cruises as well as the regular participants. The year continues to book in a great group of cruisers making the cruise events even larger than last year. Upcoming cruises include Half Moon Bay Sept. 4 – 7, Encinal Yacht Club Sept. 18 – 19, and Tinsley Island in the delta Oct 2 – 4. Finally the Berkeley Lobster Cruise Nov 21 is not to be missed.

For more information – and to register – go to the website at There is no better way to meet and get to know your fellow SYC members than cruising. Come by boat or car and join in.

Nominating Committee for 2016

The current Nominating Committee is finalizing the slate of officers for 2016. They choose candidates for the officers and chairs for the annual elections. They do not choose candidates for the Nominating Committee itself, however. The committee consists of the ex-Chairman of the Executive Board, the ex-Commodore and three members selected from candidates at large. Volunteers need to step forward to run for a position on the committee. This is an excellent way to contribute to the club in a very important way. It’s also an excellent way to meet many talented members.

There still is time to apply for inclusion on the list for candidates for next year. Regular, Honorary, and Senior members may serve on the Nominating Committee and shall have been members for at least five (5) years. If you are interested to run, make yourself known to the SYC Secretary, Alan Shirek, at or by telephone to the club office.

Seminars / Speakers / Special Events

Keep informed and up to date.

Sept 12 – 13: Rotary Cruise-In weekend

October 7: Wednesday, Seminar – Active Lifestyle

October 25: Sunday, Children’s Halloween Party


September And October Activities

Here are some activities that are going on at the club over the next two months. There are more later in the year you may want to plan for. Watch your emails for them or check the club’s website You can find more details and reservation methods on the website.


Join outings to other clubs or destinations on the bay – and beyond. You may go on your own boat or catch a ride with someone else. You may also drive as a “Land Cruiser.”

Sept 4 – 8: Half Moon Bay

Sept 18 – 20: Encinal Yacht Club

October 2 – 5: Tinsley Island of StFYC


Release your competitive spirit. Join a series or a single race. Bar and galley are open after the race.

Sept 15: Summer Sunset #5

Sept 29: Sunset Championship

October 17: Twin Island Race #3


Party on! Come and enjoy the fun.

Sept 13: Sunday, Wisps & Willows

Sept 16: Wednesday, Wine Club

Sept 20: Bloody Mary Sunday 9:30 to 1 pm,

Sept 20: Sunday, AM Quartet

Sept 26: Saturday, Lobster Dinner with Derek & Damir

October 1: Thursday, Chime Travellers

October 3: First Saturday Dinner

October 6: Tuesday, Cigar Dinner

October 21: Wednesday, Wine Club

October 31: Saturday, Monster Mash Halloween Ball