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2014 Squeegee Issues to Download

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December 2014


Squeegee December 2014

Summer 2014


Squeegee Summer 2014

Spring 2014

Squeegee Spring 2014 cover

Squeegee Spring 2014



2013 Issues are here

2012 Issues are here


2013 Squeegee Issues to Download

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December 2013

Squeegee December 2013

August 2013

Squeegee August 2013

May 2013

Squeegee May 2013

February 2013

Squeegee Winter 2013 cover
Squeegee February 2013


2012 Issues are here


2012 Squeegee Issues for Download

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Fall 2012

Squeegee Fall 2012 Cover

Download the Fall 2012 Issue of the Squeegee

Summer 2012

Squeegee Summer 2012 Cover

Download the Summer 2012 Issue of the Squeegee

Spring 2012

Download the Spring 2012 Issue of the Squeegee

2011 Member Survey Posted

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The results of the 2011 SYC Member Survey have been posted to the SYC website.

2011 Member Survey Results

Member login is required.

Winter 2011 Squeegee

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Fall 2011 Squeegee

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SYC launches Sponsors Page

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The Sausalito Yacht Club has launched a page on our website highlighting the individuals, businesses and organizations that support our club. Our website receives 9,000 to 12,000 visits each month. If you are interested in supporting the club and receiving placement on this page, contact communications [at] sausalitoyachtclub [dot] org.

New e-mail address for SYC FOC

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The e-mail list address for the SYC Flag Officers and Chairs (FOC) is now syc-foc [at] sausalitoyachtclub [dot] org. Messages sent to syc-foc [at] googlegroups [dot] com will no longer be accepted.

Rod Bauer, Communications Chair
communications [at] sausalitoyachtclub [dot] org

Message from Treasurer Jim Merrill

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We recently upgraded our computer system at the SYC office. The upgrade
was completed by a new IT company we had not previously used and the
result was a failure in some cases to send e-bills to all members as
well as an inability of members to go on-line and get their correct
balance owed.

We want to thank you for your patience while we worked our way through
this important information technology upgrade and we are reasonably
certain that we fixed the problems associated with member billings.
However, we have taken the precaution to mail paper statements this
month as well as e-bills to assure everyone gets their bill.

As you know, SYC changed its policy regarding members paying their
monthly SYC bill by allowing checks only, with no credit card option.
This was done to save considerable bank fees associated with credit card

Since we no longer use the credit card as a backstop for payment (except
for delinquent members), monthly collection of member accounts is taking
more and more time. Because of this I would like to remind all of you of
our by-laws in this area which say in part:

“Indebtedness to the club not discharged within 30 days of the due date
shall become delinquent. If not paid within an additional 30 days, the
name of the member shall be posted by the Membership Chair in the
Clubhouse and membership will be suspended automatically until such
indebtedness is paid in full.”

This means that the August billing, for example, will become delinquent
30 days from the original due date (in this case by September 15, 2011,
30 days after the original due date of August 15, 2011).

If still unpaid 30 days later (in this case October 15, 2011), the
members name shall be posted in the Clubhouse and the members ability to
charge shall be suspended until the balance is paid.

Most of you pay your club bill diligently and we sincerely thank you for
that. We don’t have the manpower to spend time collecting past due
accounts and it is my hope that enforcing our by-laws will help us cut
down on this collection time. Our General Manager will mitigate any
problem caused by the failure of the club to get a member bill out timely.

Our job is not entirely finished but it is getting there. Again, thank
you for your patience.

Jim Merrill, Treasurer, SYC

Notice to members re: nominations

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Nominating Committee 2012

At least ninety (90) days prior to the November meeting of the Flag Officers and Chairs, the Secretary will remind the membership via the Club newsletter and via postings on the website and in the Club House of the need for an incoming Nominating Committee. Members interested in serving on the Nominating Committee shall come forward and advise the Secretary, in writing, of their desire to serve on the incoming Nominating Committee. The Secretary will report all such communications to the Flag Officers and Chairs and to the Executive Board. Interested members in good standing will be placed on the ballot and stand for election to the Nominating Committee at the Annual Meeting. Current members of the Nominating Committee who were previously elected by the voting membership may run for re-election provided they have not already served three consecutive terms.

Article X: Election of Executive Board Members And Flag Officers and Chairs

Section 1: The club shall maintain a Nominating Committee comprised of five (5) members in good standing. Only Regular, Honorary, and Senior members may serve on the Nominating Committee and shall have been members for at least five (5) years. The duty of the Nominating Committee is to identify and present a suitable slate of candidates to the voting membership for the offices to be filled at the annual election. It shall be the mandate of the Nominating Committee to present a slate of candidates that represent the diverse and varied interests of the general membership and that are qualified to hold the office for which they are nominated.

Section 1a: The Nominating Committee shall use all available resources to identify candidates, verify experience and competencies, including skills assessment against job descriptions, reference checking, interviews and observations at Club meetings and in social settings.

Section 1b: The Nominating Committee is a standing committee and its members will serve one (1) year terms from January 1 to December 31. The Nominating Committee will be comprised of the following members:

• The Elected member of the Executive Board whose term has just expired; or so recommended by the Executive Board if a termed out Executive Board member does not exist.

• Three (3) members elected by the voting membership at the Annual Meeting in November for a term of one (1) year. Members in good standing may serve up to three (3) consecutive terms on the Nominating Committee, provided they are elected in accordance with these Bylaws. Members in good standing may serve up to three (3) consecutive terms on the Nominating Committee, provided they are re-appointed;

• The incoming Junior Staff Commodore for a one (1) year term

Bylaws Committee Solicits Members’ Input

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Fellow Members:

As we all are aware, our bylaws underwent substantial revision in 2010. Upon adoption, the newly revised by-laws have clarified areas of responsibility for the members of the Executive Board and the Flag Officers and Chairs.

The SYC Executive board has established a bylaws committee for 2011 to continue review of the club bylaws and solicit additional input from members who may have identified areas that can be improved.

If you have thoughts for enhancements to the club bylaws, we ask that you submit them in writing to the committee in order for them to be considered by the Board and membership. Your suggestions should also include a rationale for adoption of suggested changes.

Also, please include your contact information so that the committee members may contact you to discuss your ideas.

You can contact the Bylaws Committee via e-mail at

Thank you.

Tim Prouty, John O’Connell, Bryan Lawton
2011 Bylaws Committee

Local tides now available on the SYC website

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The SYC website now displays local tides in both graph and text formats.

Tide Clock for Sausalito

The Tide Clock shows the current tide height, whether flooding or ebbing, and the times of the next high tide and low tide. The Tide Clock is updated every quarter hour and is available on both the Tides page and the Port Captain page.

Tide Tables for Three Months

The Tides page also provides a link to a printable table of tides for Sausalito for the next three months.

Vist the Tides page at Tides at Sausalito

SYC Tides Clock for Sausalito

Sausalito Tide Clock - Refreshed on quarter hour

SYC brings home gold in Lipton Regatta July 16

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Congratulations to Jeff Hutter and the crew of Gammon for winning the Larry Knight division of the Lipton Regatta, held July 16 at the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

Also representing the club were Chuck Cihak in Hazardous Waste, Bob Rogers in Sunda and Shirley Bates in Inshallah.  A big round of applause for their valiant efforts!

See the regatta results on the PICYA website.

Summer 2011 Squeegee

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Summer 2011 Squeegee

Become a Sponsor of the Sausalito Yacht Club

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You can help support the Sausalito Yacht Club, our youth sailing program and community events by purchasing an ad in the SYC newsletter, the Squeegee, which also gives you a place on the SYC Sponsors Page on our website. For a limited time we are not charging extra for inclusion on the Sponsors page.

Whether in the printed Squeegee or on the SYC website, your message reaches hundreds of active boaters and consumers in the local community as well as the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Over 60% of our members are boat owners, with a slight edge of sailboats over powerboats
  • We regularly induct new members, but many have been part of our club for years and even decades
  • Unlike traditional print advertising that is often quickly discarded after reading, your message is available and archived for future viewing on the SYC website
  • Our club website averages over 10,000 visits per month and through Web search extends the reach of the digital version of the Squeegee and club sponsorship messages to the local community, the greater San Francisco Bay area and around the world

Visit the SYC Sponsors Page and contact Jim Blakeley, our Advertising Manager, for more information: advertising [at] sauasalitoyachtclub [dot] org.

SYC Sponsors


Two SYC boats win awards in Opening Day PICYA parade

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Two SYC entrants won honors on Sunday in PICYA’s 95th Annual Opening Day on the Bay 2011 Decorated Boat Parade

Michael Campbell won SECOND with his Lancer 30, Geronimo, and Larry Walter scored THIRD with his Chris Craft, Maya.

List of Winners

Geronimo. Photo by Gary Ferber.

Website Organization & Navigation Changes

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The SYC Website has been updated to help make navigation clearer and the function of the two member areas more evident.


  1. The Member Login link in the header has been removed in favor of keeping the member areas separate
  2. There is now a Members menu in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  3. The two primary Member areas have been renamed Member Accounts and Member Pages. Both areas require member login. The first area is on the Jonas server and second is on the SYC server.

Renamed Member Areas

Member Accounts

  • Event Calendar
  • Member Roster
  • Member Statements
  • Event Signups, including cruise registration

Member Pages

  • Bylaws
  • Rules
  • Minutes
  • Member News
  • Messages from the Commodore
  • Other member-only information

Nominate candidates for the National Sailing Hall of Fame

April 25, 2011  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

The sport of sailing is a step closer to having its own Hall of Fame with the National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame today starting the process by going live with an online form the general public is invited to use to make nominations. Future Hall of Famers will be American, who are 45 years of age and up, and who have made significant impact on the growth and development of the sport in the U.S. in categories such as design, racing, cruising, coaching and administration, among others. Non-citizens may be included if they have had an impact on the sport in the U.S., and posthumous nominations will also be accepted. The nomination period will run from April 1 through June 1, with the inductees for 2011 determined by late August.

National Sailing Hall of Fame

Carol Martin elected to Nominating Committee

April 21, 2011  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

Carol Martin was elected by the FOC to the Nominating Committee on Monday, April
18, to replace Ernie Lacey, who resigned from the committee.

Spring 2011 Squeegee

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Spring 2011 Squeegee

New SYC Mobile Web Site

April 12, 2011  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

The SYC Web site now automatically reformats itself for easier browsing when visited using a smartphone such as an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android or other mobile device. Take a look:  the iPad is especially nice.

Just visit our regular Web URL,, with a mobile device and you’ll see the mobile version of the site.


SYC Web site on the iPhone

SYC Web site on the iPhone

SYC Web site on the iPad

SYC Web site on the iPad


Advertise in the Squeegee

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Advertising is available in the Squeegee in standard sizes and placements and color or B&W. We also offer club sponsorships with placement on our Web site. These placements offer significant Web search results for local businesses and services. For advertising, contact our advertising manager, Jim Blakeley, at

Webmaster volunteer sought for SYC Web site

March 24, 2011  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off


Duties: Maintain, update and coordinate our WordPress-based club Web site. Responsible for management and infrastructure of site. Coordinate updating of site by staff, chairs and directors. Take responsibility for front page of site, which includes updating events, news, graphics and features. Maintain Facebook, Twitter and other social media presence. Setup and maintain e-mail accounts for club and handle domain hosting and registration. This person would assist current Webmaster in 2011 and take over as Webmaster in 2012.

Skills Desired: Experience with WordPress desired, but computer and Web competence and willingness to learn are equally important. WordPress, HTML, CSS and photo editing (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or equivalent) skills will be of most use. Familiarity with PHP, JavaScript and e-mail protocols is also desirable.

Time Commitment: 8-12 hours per week

Contact: Rod Bauer, Communications Chair,

See other volunteer opportunities at Volunteer Opportunities.

Opening Day on the Bay Blessing of the Fleet, Sun May 1

March 21, 2011  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

CYC announces 48th anniversary of The Blessing of the Pleasure Craft, Sunday, May 1


Volunteer Opportunities at SYC

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Read about the many ways you can volunteer to help your club:

MEMBERS: Please update your contact information

February 27, 2011  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

SYC Members: Please update your contact information.

We need your latest e-mail addresses, mailing address and phone. You can add a second e-mail address for yourself or your spouse/partner to stay informed of SYC news and events.

Send your updates and questions to John Lerner, Membership Chair, at or the SYC office at

Follow SYC on Twitter

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If you’re on Twitter, follow @sausalitoyc for SYC news updates, current Sausalito weather, announcements and other boating and club information.

Nominating Committee seeks Candidates

January 28, 2011  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

We have nearly two years left until the next state and national elections, but just over seven months to submit candidates for next year’s SYC leadership. Your Nominating Committee has met and committed to its charge as defined in Article X of the Bylaws.

The 2011 Nominating Committee consists of:

· Ernie Lacey, Staff Commodore, Chair 2011 Nominating Committee
· Dave Spaulding, Former Treasurer, Member of Finance Committee
· Harry Chapman, member
· John Williams, Staff Commodore, Chairman, Executive Board of Directors
· J. Rigler, Jr. Staff Commodore

We need your help in identifying interested, qualified candidates for positions of the Flag Officers and Chairs and one Executive Board Director.

According to the By-Laws, to serve as Flag Officer or Chair or on the Board of Directors, one must be a Regular or Senior member in good standing, having been a member for a minimum of three (3) years. A minimum of five (5) years membership is required for election to the Executive Board of Directors.

A little known provision in the Bylaws, Article VI; Section 2a, allows a member to designate his/ her spouse as Primary Member in order to be eligible for office. This provision opens the pool to many highly qualified AND motivated individuals to support our club.

Please contact one of the members of the Nominating Committee or simply respond to the e-mail address below to make your interests known.

Thanks for your interest,

Your Nominating Committee

Questions about SYC? Ask the Commodore!

January 20, 2011  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

Visit Ask the Commodore page to submit your question.

Visit Ask the Commodore page to submit your question.

New Club Rules and Regulations 1/6/2011

January 08, 2011  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

The Executive Board has approved new Club Rules and Regulations for the Sausalito Yacht Club.

Members can view the complete text of these rules at Club Rules and Regulations. Member login is required.

America’s Cup coming to San Francisco

December 31, 2010  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

All about the America’s Cup, at

News from

Official statements on AC34 in San Francisco from America’s Cup Web site:

Holiday 2010 Squeegee

December 17, 2010  |   Member News,Squeegee   |     |   Comments Off

Holiday 2010 Squeegee

22nd Annual Sausalito Lighted Boat Parade Award Results

December 14, 2010  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

Merv Regan & Baba Ross-Conroy, co-founders of the parade, announced the winners of the 22nd Annual Sausalito Lighted Boat Parade & Fireworks Spectacular.

Hosted by the Sausalito Yacht Club and Commodore J Rigler, this was one of the best evenings in parade history. The weather gods smiled on us, there was water under the keel and the fog remained at bay until after the event.

Led by perennial Grand Marshall James Gabbert of TV 20 fame, aboard his 85’ Stephens motor yacht, Defiance, nearly 40 boats of all shapes and sizes, from 18’ to 85’, power and sail were decked out better than ever. The judges; Mayor Herb Weiner, Army Corps of Engineers Colonel Torrey Diciro & wife Missey, Bay Model Manager & Chamber of Commerce President Chris Gallagher, Marin Magazine’s Jim & Nikki Woods, Sallie & Leon Huntting, had a challenging task to score the winners. Fire Chief Jim Irving continued the tradition as Keeper-of-the-Light.

The boats were paced and shepherded by club boat Mercury, piloted by Bill Aubrey, Jeff Zarwell with his Protector, directed into the cove at the club by Jerry Tarpin for the judges to view and sent back up channel by Bob & Clara Wilson aboard Mystic.


Sweepstakes, the Robert Squires Perpetual Trophy: Stuart & Melinda Webber & The Reel Office, fresh off a win in Oakland

Enzensperger – Commodore’s Trophy: Chad & Carolyn Carver, 2009 Sweepstakes Winner, with Tambadil 43’ Hans Christian

People’s Choice – Mike & Patrice Fiske, Out-of-the-Box, Bayliner 4788?Sail:?1st Place – Gary Ryan with Hilohale, Hanse 341

2nd Place – Andrea Gardner & Blair Adams with Azure, 36’ Jeanneau

3rd Place – Sam & Susan Dearing with Plane Fun, 42’ Nova

Power: 1st Place – Blaze Nash and OTTO, 16’ Mini Tugboat

2nd Place – Number 10

3rd Place – Larry Walter with Maya, 45’ Chris Craft

It was another magical evening in this paradise we call home, Sausalito. Congratulations and thanks to one and all for this wonderful start to the holiday season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

David Borton is new SYC Race Director

December 07, 2010  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

The SYC Board today confirmed Dave Borton as new SYC Race Director, replacing John Mount who has moved down under.

Dave was elected to 2011 Race Chair last month.

Jim Merrill approved as SYC Treasurer

December 06, 2010  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

Jim Merrill has assumed the role of Treasurer and Flag Officer on the Board of Directors of the Sausalito Yacht Club following the resignation of Treasurer Dan Thatcher.

Jim Merrill was elected this year to the 2011 Board of Directors as Treasurer.

2011 SYC Election Results

November 15, 2010  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

Officers and Chairs

Commodore – James Gabbert
Vice Commodore – Jerry Tarpin
Rear Commodore – Ross Blanchard
Treasurer – Jim Merrill
Secretary – Elaine Thorne
Port Captain – Michael Fiske
Membership Chair – John Lerner
Entertainment Chair – Merv Regan
Race Committee Chair – David Borton
Communications Chair – Rod Bauer
Sailing Instruction Chair – Michael Campbell
Cruise Chair – Larry Moraes

Executive Board

Director 1 Year – John Williams
Director 2 Years – Mike Magruder
Director 3 Years – John O’Connell

Nominating Committee

Harry Chapman
Ernie Lacey
David Spaulding

Sausalito Youth Sailing Foundation

Director – Todd Gates
Director – Carol Martin

Sausalito Yacht Club Auxiliary

President – Mary Richardson



Articles wanted for December Squeegee

November 13, 2010  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

Our newsletter, the Squeegee, is soliciting articles for the next issue, which will be published in mid-December. Submissions deadline is December 1. Details and contact information are at Squeegee Newsletter on this Website.

Fall 2010 Squeegee

October 15, 2010  |   Member News,Squeegee   |     |   Comments Off

Fall 2010 Squeegee

Stay In Touch with What’s Happening at the Club

September 24, 2010  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

Want to know when the next meeting, party, cruise or race is coming up at SYC?

The best way to stay au courant with SYC is to take advantage of our many online resources. We keep our Web site and Facebook page updated with details of upcoming events and it’s the best place to check for changes or new developments.

  • Our Web site home page ( has a summary of events, club news and what’s coming up at the club in the next week or two. From the Home Page, you can view News from the Bridge and What’s Happening at SYC?
  • Our complete club calendar is available under the Events menu on our Home Page. Throughout the Web site you’ll find specialized calendars devoted to Racing, Cruising, Youth Sailing and Bar & Galley.
  • Our online Galley menus are a popular feature of our updated Web site. Our chef Leslie posts the latest menus for dinner, brunch, lunch and barbecues. You’ll also find the club wine list posted there.
  • SYC members have two reserved online areas. Member Pages is where members can login to view news, documents and information intended only for SYC members. Member Accounts is the place to manage member billing, roster information and also to register for selected SYC events.
  • We have our own page on Facebook (, that also lists events and news. In addition, members and friends can post their photos, news or comments. You don’t have to be a Facebook member (which is free) to view the page, but you do need to join Facebook and become a fan of our page to contribute to it.
  • We periodically e-mail our active member list with updates on news and activities. We try to balance keeping members updated with not overwhelming their inboxes, which is why we recommend checking the Web site or Facebook for the latest news. If you’re not receiving our club e-mails, or you’d like to change which e-mail address we use, please contact
  • Other timely information on our Web site includes:

The Squeegee also publishes information about events and programs at SYC, but due to its publication schedule, it doesn’t have the most up-to-date details. By the way, did you know that you can download the current Squeegee, as well as past issues, as PDF documents from our Web site?

If you take advantage of these resources, you’ll always be among the club cognoscenti.

Members Approve New Bylaws

September 21, 2010  |   Member News   |     |   Comments Off

On Sunday, September 19, Sausalito Yacht Club members approved the proposed revisions to the Sausalito Yacht Club Bylaws and Constitution by a vote of 229 to 13. The new bylaws go into effect this month.

The House Director and Bar & Galley Director positions will phase out at the end of this year. New positions on the board, and the new Executive Board, will go into effect on January 1, 2011. The Interim Staff Commodores Executive Committee will continue to advise the Commodore through 2010.