SYC Youth Racing Team

opti racing    SYC OPTI & 420 RACING TEAM   HS 3


The mission of the Sausalito Yacht Club Racing Team is to help develop knowledgeable youth racers as well as instill in them a love for the sport that will serve as a foundation for their life in boating and for the future of the Club. The team will focus on independence, perseverance, commitment, hard work, and follow through while also understanding the honor of representing a club that supports the members of its team.

The Teams/Commitment
420 Racing Team
6 team members ages 14-18
Regatta commitment = 5 summer regattas, 3 winter regattas, 1 national event a year
Practice Commitment = Wednesday and Thursdays after school

Opti Racing Team
6 team members ages 9-15
Regatta Commitment = 5 Winter Series Regattas, 5 Summer Series Regattas
Practice Commitment = Fridays after school


**Final team member decisions will come from the Youth Sailing Director

Cost to participate
420 Racing Team
1 year team membership = $600
Opti Racing Team
1 year team memberships = $600

Yacht Club Membership Fee = $110

Fee Includes
Coaching at regattas and practices
Boat/Gear Usage Fee
Team Fleece and Pinnie
Coaching/Club travel expenses

My child and I are interested. What do I do next?
E-mail Coach Renee and inform her of your interest.
• You will receive more detailed information and a calendar.
• Official registration/signups will be on our website