High School Sailing

Nor Cal Regatta Hosted by Sausalito YCPractice Day

Sausalito Yacht Club is proud to host the Tamalpais High School sailing team.


    • Emma Figueredo
    • Griffin Chen
    • Christian Rodriguez
    • Francis Strietmann
    • Joe Rico
    • Niko Manrique
    • Luke Marshall
    • Jacob Renneisen
    • Sean Engelbrechten
    • Emma Jones
    • Kate Hofele
    • Makena Barkus
    • Francis Tarpey-Schwed
    • Jack Curphey
    • Julia Ciampa
    • Lily Hock
    • Blake Bent
    • Eliot Hall
    • Joshua Holzer
    • Will Meuse
    • Tristan Breusseau
    • Alex Meislich
    • Megan Engelbrechten
    • Moselle Fredericks
    • Phineas Koehn
    • Barrett Nichols
    • Savanna Detjen-Creson
    • Hiro Chemers
    • Sam Shern
    • Jake Bourdages
    • Magnus Fulton
    • Hugo Slothower
    • Adam West
    • Hanna Curphey
    • David Gilmore
    • Nicole Eliaschev
    • John Overton


Joe Rico, Francis Strietmann, Makena Barkus


Important Dates

September 13, 14, 15, 16, 17  First official season practices

September 12 – Volunteer & Chaperone Meeting 6:00pm @ SYC

September 23 – payments due

September 28- Team Potluck @ 6:00 in Sausalito (E-vite to be sent out soon)




High School Sailing Outline – Designed to get kids involved in the sport
– Treated just like any other sport and sports team
– No experience necessary, just need a willingness to learn new things
– This is not the sport you join because you can’t play other sports
– Different from other sports, all day events not two hour games
– Year round sport
Varsity vs. Junior Varsity – Varsity team is for returning sailors
– JV team is for new sailors with little to no experience
– If you have previous experience you can be moved up to Varsity within the first couple weeks of practices
– Spring season all sailors are on Varsity

How High School Sailing Works – A team may have as many sailors on their team as they want
– Two sailors sail in a boat at a time
– When traveling to events…
*Nor Cal Regattas- local events
A team can send as many boats/teams as they can, two sailors in a boat all day for each race. Can rotate sailors if desired.
*PCISA Regattas
Gold Fleet team and a Silver Fleet team
2 sailors sail for their team in each fleet for 2 races then they come to shore and rotate two other team mates in for two races.
Schedule Practices
– Varsity practices Tuesday, and Thursday; after school until 6:00.
– JV practices Wednesdays and Fridays; after school until 5:45.
Regattas a.k.a Game Day!

Proper Gear
Suggested Items – As in most sports being a sailor requires proper gear to perform.
– All sailors must have a Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket, close toed shoes that can get wet, clothes to sail in for warm weather and cold weather. Avoid Cotton!
– Girls tend to wear running tights (fleece lined when cold) or wetsuit pants, dry shirt or rash guard tops and a spray jacket. Other spray gear is helpful when cold. Gloves also help and a wool beanie.
– Boys tend to wear board shorts with spray pants, dry shirts, and spray tops.

To be a participant on the team

-$870 for Varsity members
This includes: practice 2 days a week, use of boats, boat parts and maintenance, fuel for coach boats, boat transportation to regattas/towing mileage reimbursement, coaching at regattas, club’s travel expenses, high level of sailing instruction
– $650 for Junior Varsity members
This includes: practice 2 times per week (except for a few Fridays), use of boats, boat parts and maintenance, fuel for coach boats, club’s travel expenses, coaching at regattas, high level of sailing instruction.

-$380 for Development Team, practices on Saturday from 9:30-12:30.  Specific dates to be announced.

* Make checks out to ‘Sausalito Yacht Club’

Coaches Contact Information:
Renee DeCurtis
Youth Sailing Director
(I will give out my cell number to students once they officially join)

Yacht Club Website sausalitoyachtclub.org
PCISA www.pcisa.org
ISSA www.hssailing.org