High School Sailing

Nor Cal Regatta Hosted by Sausalito YCPractice Day

Sausalito Yacht Club is proud to host the Tamalpais High School sailing team.  The team practices Tuesday through Friday and attends both local and regional events throughout the entire school year.  The team is always looking for new sailors whether you have experience or not.  We strongly encourage those without any sailing experience to enroll in our Summer Sailing, Fall, and Spring Programs so you can learn the basics before the season starts.  For information about our Summer Programs click HERE.

The high school sailing program will start up again in September 2016


Important Dates

September 1, 2016  On-Campus student informational meeting

September 6, 2016  Parent Meeting at Sausalito Yacht Club

September 7,8,9  Mandatory Evaluation Period at Sausalito Yacht Club

September 13, 14, 15, 16  First official season practices

High School Sailing Outline – Designed to get kids involved in the sport
– Treated just like any other sport and sports team
– No experience necessary, just need a willingness to learn new things
– This is not the sport you join because you can’t play other sports
– Different from other sports, all day events not two hour games
– Year round sport
Varsity vs. Junior Varsity – Varsity team is for returning sailors
– JV team is for new sailors with little to no experience
– If you have previous experience you can be moved up to Varsity within the first couple weeks of practices
– Spring season all sailors are on Varsity

How High School Sailing Works – A team may have as many sailors on their team as they want
– Two sailors sail in a boat at a time
– When traveling to events…
*Nor Cal Regattas- local events
A team can send as many boats/teams as they can, two sailors in a boat all day for each race. Can rotate sailors if desired.
*PCISA Regattas
Gold Fleet team and a Silver Fleet team
2 sailors sail for their team in each fleet for 2 races then they come to shore and rotate two other team mates in for two races.
Schedule Practices
– Varsity practices Tuesday, and Thursday; after school until 6:00.
– JV practices Wednesdays and Fridays; after school until 5:45.
Regattas a.k.a Game Day!

Proper Gear
Suggested Items – As in most sports being a sailor requires proper gear to perform.
– All sailors must have a Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket, close toed shoes that can get wet, clothes to sail in for warm weather and cold weather. Avoid Cotton!
– Girls tend to wear running tights (fleece lined when cold) or wetsuit pants, dry shirt or rash guard tops and a spray jacket. Other spray gear is helpful when cold. Gloves also help and a wool beanie.
– Boys tend to wear board shorts with spray pants, dry shirts, and spray tops.

To be a participant on the team

-$860 for Varsity members
This includes: practice 2 days a week, use of boats, boat parts and maintenance, fuel for coach boats, boat transportation to regattas/towing mileage reimbursement, coaching at regattas, club’s travel expenses, high level of sailing instruction
– $650 for Junior Varsity members
This includes: practice 2 times per week (except for a few Fridays), use of boats, boat parts and maintenance, fuel for coach boats, club’s travel expenses, coaching at regattas, high level of sailing instruction.

* Make checks out to ‘Sausalito Yacht Club’

Coaches Contact Information:
Renee DeCurtis
Youth Sailing Director
(I will give out my cell number to students once they officially join)

Yacht Club Website sausalitoyachtclub.org
PCISA www.pcisa.org
ISSA www.hssailing.org