Recommended Gear

Every sailor should bring with them:


Life Jacket

  • There are several life jackets designed specifically for sailing making it easier to move about in the boat.  It should be Coast Guard approved, comfortable, and fit properly.  West Marine, REI, and Intensity Sailing are great resources.
    Available at West Marine in Marin City/Sausalito.

    Available at West Marine in Marin City/Sausalito.

    Available online at

    Available online at






Waterproof Shoes

  • Necessary to keep your feet injury-free and dry! We recommend either rubber or neoprene booties, but sneakers and regular water shoes will also suffice. Wet suit booties are also a fine option. No open toed shoes.

Gill Boot



available online at

available online at

Available at

Available at




  • At least SPF 30-sun reflects off the water!

Refillable Water Bottle

  • Extremely important to stay HYDRATED in the sun and salt water!



Wet Suit

  • Neoprene keeps you warm when wet! Ideal for beginner sailors who may spend some time in the water.  Wet Suit options can include a shortie wetsuit, full wetsuit, wetsuit top, and wetsuit pants.

Other Gear

  • Try to avoid any cotton or heavy clothing.  Boardshorts, spandex, windbreaker jacket, and rash guards are great options.  For more experienced sailors spray gear is a popular option (shown below)
    available at

    available at

    Intensity Pants


spray gear









Thermal Layers

  • Any sort of rash guard, capilene or spandex under-layers that will keep you warm either alone or under spray gear.  Patagonia and Under Armor are two great sources.

Towel/Change of Clothes

  • Self Explanatory…


All of these items can be found at:

West Coast Sailing

(located in Portland, OR–must order online!)


West Marine

(located right in Sausalito!)

(order online only)