Mooring Field

Use of the SYC Mooring Field

The SYC mooring field is for the use of SYC members. Guests who have registered with our Port Captain, Officer of the Day or General Manager, and who are flying their yacht club burgee, may use a mooring ball for one night free, and for a second night at $25, subject to the guidelines of our Port Captain

The Club has equipped 10 moorings with 3/4 inch diameter pendants 15 feet long and mast buoys with which to pick them up. Below is a rough representation of how they are assembled.

This greatly simplifies use of our moorings and we encourage their use by members and guests with reciprocal privileges (please show a burgee) because our dock space is uncomfortable and limited.


Here is how to do it :

  1. Approach the mooring and mast buoy slowly – heading into the wind and keeping the mast in sight (keep an option to “bail out” to port or starboard if too you’re too fast or the wind/current don’t cooperate)

  2. Have a member of your crew on the bow ready to grasp the mast and pull it up onto your bow (under the railing/lifeline) with the pendant following. Discuss some hand signals early (No yelling!)

  3. Stop your boat with the bow slightly overhanging the mast buoy close to port or starboard (your boat wants to drift back after you stop, so this gives your crew a moment to do what she has to do – No yelling!)

  4. Slip the 12” eye splice over your cleat – Leave the mast buoy on deck!! (if the 3/4” pendant is too thick for your cleats, have one of your own dock lines ready to go on one cleat and just run it through the eye, around the bow then to your other cleat. Don’t make it too long or you’ll be into your neighbor).

  5. If you want, use the thin leader line from the mast buoy to secure the pendant.

  6. Find someone to bring you a beer (No yelling)

  7. Departing is just as easy – pull on the pendant to create a little slack or ease up on it under power; remove the pendant from your cleat and let it slide into the water followed by the mast and buoy.

  8. Let your bow fall off to one side and sail away without running over our stuff or into your neighbor. (it helps to have your bow person point at the gear until you can see it – No yelling)

On weekends and race days, we are going to try and run one of the chase boats for launch service – Opening day will be our first try. Call the SYC Port on Ch 9 – otherwise two short sounds (horn or whistle) will get us to come out.

Your Port Captain will endeavor to keep the pendants sort of clean and free of growth, silt etc so your boat doesn’t get dirty.

The club policy is first come first serve. The first overnight is free and the second for $25.