Nominating Committee

Our Mission


The Nominating Committee is interested in identifying members who would be interested in becoming active in the SYC either leading an area or serving on a committee. According to the Bylaws, to serve as Flag Officer or Chair or on the Board of Directors, one must be a Regular or Senior member in good standing, having been a member for a minimum of three (3) years. A minimum of five (5) years membership is required for election to the Executive Board of Directors.

A little-known provision in the Bylaws, Article VI; Section 2a, allows a member to designate his/ her spouse as Primary Member in order to be eligible for office. This provision opens the pool too many highly qualified AND motivated individuals to support our club.

Please contact the Nominating Committee by email to make your interests known.

The 2021 Nominating Committee

  • Marge Bottari
  • Chuck Cihak
  • Tom Kowalski
  • Kay Mitzel
  • Jock Rystrom